FiltaClear Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that animals can have Zinc allergies. Will this happen with FiltaClear?

No. FiltaClear does not contain any Zinc oxide. It has microfine Titanium dioxide which acts as a total sun block (reflecting UVA/UVB rays) even when a light film is present.

I would like some advice, my horse is currently being treated with flamazine (antibiotics added to it) for photosensitivity/sunburn, it's only been a couple of days and it's looking better, would filtabac be safe to use as a suncream

As your horse has a known photosensitivity and sensitive skin I would suggest starting out with FiltaClear as this is specifically designed for animals (especially cats) that are known to have sensitive skins.

I have attached the chart comparing the two products so you can see the differences in ingredients and total sun-blocking agents each has.

FiltaClear still gives a maximum sun-blocking action even when rubbed in to almost clear.

Best wishes and I hope this is helpful.

If I use FiltaClear on my horse at a show, does it show up in urine or blood tests as a banned substance?

No as it is not absorbed.

Is FiltaClear ok to be used on heat lamp burns on reptiles?

Yes, as it will reflect rays which are within the light spectrum or near to it.

My cat has had surgery in the past for cancer on her ear tips. Can I use FiltaClear as a sunblock on the scar tissue?

Absolutely, it will act as a protector to the sensitive skin and as a total sunblock.

My rabbit had fly strike and now has raw areas that I worry will get struck again, can I put FiltaClear on it safely?

Yes, however FiltaBac creates a better cover and protection, plus inhibits flies landing on the area.

My tortoise was run over by a bike and its shell cracked. The Vet filled the cracks with FiltaBac, which appears to be helping keep out infection, could we use FiltaClear as he lived in the house and it is getting on the carpet?

FiltaClear can give excellent cover to protect from drying out of the tissues under the shell. It also acts as a barrier film to foreign matter.

What will happen if my cat licks off the FiltaClear? will she get sick?

No, the bittering agent is included to minimise licking and tastes unpleasant but is not toxic. Titanium dioxide, the 'reflector', is inert and is frequently found as a filler in tablets and other pharmaceutical products. Many human sunscreens contain 'absorbers' for the UV rays and these can be toxic if ingested, unlike Titanium dioxide.

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