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| Jul 13, 2020

SUMMER HORSE CARE: Aniwell FiltaBac Score10/10!

Performance:10/10 Ease of use:10/10 Long lasting:10/10 Value:10/10

Horse & Hound carried out a group test of sun creams. All of the sun creams in this group test have been put through their paces by Harriet Rimmer, who runs a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting. Find out what she thought below!

Official description

Aniwell FiltaBac is a thick, soothing cream with antibacterial qualities that has SPF 30+.

First impressions

It was a really big pot of cream with both sun block and antibacterial properties — amazing!

Overview of performance

This was superb — by far the most amazing all-purpose cream I’ve used. It didn’t rub off and was very easy to apply. The horses didn’t object to application and it soothed agitated and irritated skin.

Harriet’s likes and dislikes

I really liked the dual purpose of this product — it offered excellent protection from UV rays, soothed sore skin, kept the flies at bay and created a barrier. There isn’t anything I’d change about it. For me, this is the best in the market for sun protection and for soothing and protecting sensitive and agitated skin. I found it great for sensitive types and anything with known allergies. It helped with one horse who had bites and grazes, as it kept the flies away and acted as a barrier.It is slightly more expensive than the others but, as it was a much larger pot and multi-purpose, it really was a fabulous product to use. Worth every penny.


A stand-out winner for me — a great multi-purpose cream!

Aniwell could not be more proud to gain this accolade - thank you Horse & Hound for giving our product a test!